Rev. Mark R. Rushdoony

The titles published by Ross House Books are some of the most important you will see anywhere at any price. Let me explain why.

Ross House Books is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization founded in 1976 by my father, the late Dr. Rousas John Rushdoony. He dedicated it to publishing important works that view all of life and

thought as properly subject to God's Word and that magnify the name and saving work of Jesus Christ. Our publications are geared to help shift the reader's thinking from man to God, from humanism to theism, and from rebellion to repentance and faith. Our books and tapes are premised on the reality of God as the Sovereign Creator and Sustainer of all creation and man's equally real sin and depravity.

Man's first sin was to "be as gods, knowing [that is, determining for himself] good and evil " (Genesis 3:5). The power of sin can only be broken by the grace of God applying to our account Christ's death that atones for our sin. This declaration of righteousness Scripture calls justification.

The act of justification is then followed by the work of the Holy Spirit in us called sanctification. Sanctification is our growth in grace whereby we learn to push back the influence of sin in our lives and submit to righteousness as our standard of conduct.

Ross House Books exists to help Christians conform themselves and their thinking to Scripture. You will find many tools for your study of the faith and its relevance to all areas of life. The earth is the Lord's and our view of the faith must be as broad as all creation.

We invite you to take advantage of these important resources. They will strengthen your faith and increase your joy in God's salvation.

Thank you,

Mark R. Rushdoony