Tips for Book Club Organizers: How to Make a Book Group Run More Smoothly

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A book club organizer has a lot on her plate but with a little bit of homework, imagination and perseverance she can minimize the stress level. Here are some tips that cover some basic organizer duties. These tasks can be shared with other group members on a rotating basis but the needs of the club remain the same.

Obtaining Books

Making sure everyone in the group gets a copy of the book can be a challenge. Advance planning is key and there are many resources available in major cities. In Toronto, for example, the public library system offers special book club sets. Designated libraries set aside up to fifteen copies of books for book club members four weeks in advance. Members can check the books out for six weeks but cannot renew them. The libraries offer a wide selection of titles.

One downside though is that your group is limited to what is available on the library book list. Despite this limitation, the book club sets are an excellent option especially if you want to minimize the financial cost for the members of your group.

Used book stores are the next best source for your book club. The books are in excellent condition and there are usually several copies available. The books are often fifty percent less than the big chain book stores. The staff at the used book stores also tend to be more knowledgeable than workers at the big chain book stores, especially at BMV at 2289 Yonge Street, north of Eglinton. Not only is the store always well stocked and maintained, without the use of a computer, they instantly know the title and author you are looking for.

Choosing a Venue

An organizer should be attuned to where and how the majority of book club members want to meet.

The following criteria should be considered:

  • cost
  • location
  • noise level
  • food variety

The cost of food and drinks is often paramount in the minds of members. Try to find a medium-range cafe or restaurant that has reasonable prices from $3-$20. The eateries should provide a decent selection of hot and cold drinks, appetizers, vegetarian items and simple fare. The noise level should be very low. Make sure that the meeting place is accessible via public transportation and offers affordable or free parking. Some club members like to host a gathering at their place and that is always a great option.

A well-organized book group can greatly maximize the experience for its members. An organizer can either make or break the book club experience. By providing easy access to books and choosing venues that members enjoy, an organizer can be successful.

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