Free Online Literature Reviews for Parents and Teachers

For many parents and teachers, the cost of receiving regular journals or publications keeps them from staying on top of current children’s literature. The two sites discussed here are both free to access and filled with resources and information to keep parents and teachers on the cutting edge.

The Looking Glass Online Journal

The Looking Glass: New Perspectives on Children’s Books is an online journal about children’s literature, which has been in operation since 1997. It is written, published and edited by volunteers who come from all the fields that surround children literature, such as writers, teachers, publishers, and librarians. Many contributors have ties to other literary works, such as the journals Children’s Literature, Quill and Quire, The Alan Review. It is therefore a very reliable source of academic articles, which are kept archived online for public access.

Due to its fluidity, the structure of the journal has varied, but it tries to publish three journals per year, in January, April and September. Each issue contains a number of different pieces, but they are all arranged according to categories that are supervised by individual editors. Clear headings make it easy to find articles that will be relevant and interesting to whatever work one might be doing at the time, both in the current issue and in the archives.

The articles are filled with information about how to interpret, present, and apply a diverse number of texts, but the most interesting thing about this resource for teachers is the openness of its submission process. It provides a forum for teachers to not only read and think about but also write and share their thoughts on the vast genre of children’s literature. This possibility would be a great asset to both personal and professional development.

Check it: Short Story Review – Maria L Bombal’s The Tree: Magic Realism in Latin American Fiction

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre is the center for a number of resources, including extensive links to authors’ websites and highlights from their two major publications: Canadian Children’s Book News and Our Choice. While the website format can be confusing and at times overwhelming, the resources available are definitely worth the time.

Among the highlights are very extensive lists of authors’ and illustrators’ websites as well Canadian publishing companies’ homepages, and selections from their publications. There is a good book review section, which is also tied to the Fleck Award for Children’s Non-Fiction, an award administrated by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.

In addition to the free information available on the website, a $60 individual subscription grants access to the quarterly publications, and a $135 association membership would provide a school or library with even more resources and materials. This is a good resource for teachers particularly because of its Canadian content, and the number of links it provides to the ever-changing but always valuable resources available online and across Canada.

Both of these websites can provide book reviews and academic articles to keep parents and teachers involved in what their children and students are reading, and engaged in what those texts are really all about. For more information about printed journals to use in schools and libraries, have a look at Children’s Literature Reviews for Teachers and Parents.

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